Quadrilateral shapes

Below we will discuss the six quadrilateral shapes:

Quadrilateral shape no. 1:

The  Irregular Quadrilateral

A quadrilateral in which all sides and angles are unequal is an irregular

Quadrilateral shape no. 2: 

The Trapezoid/Trapezium.

A quadrilateral in which one pair of sides is parallel.

Quadrilateral shape no. 3.

The Parallelogram

It is a quadrilateral in which

  • opposite sides are parallel and equal.
  • opposite angles are equal in measure
  • diagonals bisect each other.
  • The point of intersection of diagonals is mid point of diagonals.
  • sum of two consecutive angles is 1800

Quadrilateral shape no. 4:

The Rhombus    

It is a parallelogram in which

  • all sides are equal
  •  diagonals bisect and are perpendicular to each other
  • diagonals are not equal in length

Quadrilateral shape no. 5:

The Rectangle

A parallelogram in which

  • opposite angles are equal and opposite
  • diagonals bisect each other and are equal in length
  • angles at the four vertices is 900

Quadrilateral shape no. 6:

The Square

  • A parallelogram in which
  • All sides and angles are equal
  • Diagonals are equal and are perpendicular to each other.