About Me:


Hi, I am Ravi. I am a graduate in Maths.

I teach Math, especially the topics that are found on this website, to students who prepare for standardised tests required by universities and colleges admitting candidates to their various courses of studies.

Needless to say, I like Maths, especially those topics in the subject that involve solving problems.

In this website, I have deliberately confined myself to delving on such math topics that involve solving questions; Questions that are come across by students studying at various levels in school and college.

The main objective behind the genesis of math for all grades is to build a math website which will cover all of the school and college level math topics.
Math for all grades strives hard to present topics from the student’s point of view. It will explain concepts keeping in mind the obvious hurdles that students face while solving questions.

As far as its knowledge and experience goes, it will alert students at potential areas where mistakes commonly occur.

Why have I chosen the topics that are seen on my Math Website?

The topics I have chosen for building my math website Math-for-all-grades.com are those that I was very fond of while studying them in school and college.

Not only was I very adept at them during my heydays in school and college, but I always had a special fondness for them while learning. In fact, my mind effortlessly transits into deep nostalgia about combined studies in Math, especially the Math topics on this website, with my school mates and college mates, whenever I am engaged now in creating content on them for this website.

I have always wanted to train the needy the said math subjects.

Working as a Trainer in Math for standardised tests, my job involves coaching students in the Math topics that are part of this Website.

Math Training has thus found a complement and a logical continuity in building a Math Website.  

When did this website start?

Math for all grades.com took birth in May 2011. This website has been created using Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt.

Site build it has enabled several enthusiasts to kick start their own online business. There are millions and billions of websites in the internet ocean without any name and fame.  Like stones thrown into ocean that go undetected afterwards, websites built online without the ability of being found out serve no purpose despite having high quality. It is Site Build it that enables fledgling websites grow day after day, month after month with increasing volumes of traffic that a website will not only have online presence, but famous enough to be instantaneously found when a search is initiated for the subject that it has its theme for.

Math for all grades also is launched on the platform of Site Build It. True to the service that SBI vouches to deliver; this website has steadily grown its online presence and is poised to reach very soon top ranking results for any search launched for the content it dwells on.