Geometry problems

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Geometry answers.

Geometry problems on angles

1.Write the complementary angles of the following angles measured in degrees.

1.300         2. 400            3. 600        4.80

2. For what degree measure of an angle, is its complement same as itself?

3. Add the degree measures of the following two angles:

60065′75′′ and 55082′73′′.

Geometry problems on triangles

4. The lengths of the three sides in a triangle are 4, 7 and 10. A line L divides the angle opposite which the side length is 10. Find the ratio of the lengths of the segments formed along the opposite side.

Geometry problems on circles

5. The areas of two circles are in the ratio 49: 25. Find the ratio of their diameters?

Geometry problems on 2d shapes

6. In an irregular quadrilateral, two sides have lengths 10 each, and the other two sides have lengths 10 each. Among the three types of angles – acute, right and obtuse, find the type of the angle formed between the two sides whose lengths are 10 each.

Geometry problems on 3d shapes

7. A colored cube is cut into 125 small cubes. How many of the small cubes so formed do not have color on any of their faces?





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