Algebra 2 topic: Functions  

Functions I 

  • Operations With Functions
  • Function Notation
  • Perform Computations With Functions.
  • Computations With Functions
  • Relationship Between Functions And Equations.

Linear Functions

  • Solve Linear Equations  
  • Solve Linear Inequalities
  • Graph Linear Functions
  • Graph Piecewise Linear Functions. 

Functions II 

  • Recognize And Transform Parent Functions,
  • Find Inverses Of Functions
  • Perform The Composition Of Functions.

Quadratic Functions 

  • Compute With Complex Numbers,
  • Plot Complex Numbers As Points,
  • Solve Quadratic Equations
  • Solve Quadratic Inequalities
  • Graph Quadratic Functions.
  • Graphic Methods to solve quadratic equations
  • Algebraic Methods To Solve Quadratic Equations
  • Algebraic Methods To Solve Inequalities
  • Analyzing Quadratic Functions.
  • Graphing Quadratic Functions.

Polynomial Functions 

  • analyze, graph, and calculate with polynomials.
  • Addition Of Polynomials
  • Subtraction Of Polynomials
  • Multiplication Of Polynomials
  • Division Of Polynomials
  • Polynomial Functions.

Rational Functions 

  • Simplify Rational Expressions That Contain Negative Exponents,
  • Calculate With Rational Functions,
  • Simplify Complex Fractions,
  • Solve Rational Equations  
  • Solve Rational Inequalities
  • Graph Rational Functions
  • Rational Expressions,
  • Rational Functions
  • Rational Equations
  • Rational Inequalities. 

Radical Functions 

  • Simplify Radical Expressions
  • Simplify Expressions With Rational Exponents,
  • Solve Radical Equations
  • Solve Radical  Inequalities
  • Graph Radical Functions.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 

  • Analyze And Graph Exponential functions
  • Analyze And Graph Logarithmic Functions
  • Properties Of Logarithms
  • Solve Exponential Equations
  • Solve Exponential Inequalities 
  • Solve Logarithmic Equations 
  • Solve Logarithmic Inequalities. 

Algebra 2 topic:

Probability and Statistics 

  • Describe Data Sets
  • Set Theory
  • Fit Functions To Data
  • Compute Probabilities.
  • Different Types Of Data Sets
  • Analysis Of The Types Of Graphs That Fit Different Types Of Data. 

Algebra 2 topic:

Systems of Equations and Inequalities 

  • Solve Systems Of Equations
  • Solve Systems Of Inequalities.
  • Solving Systems Of Linear Equations
  • Solving Systems Of Nonlinear Equations,
  • Use Graphing To Solve Systems Of Inequalities
  • Solve Linear Programming Problems.

Algebra 2 topic:


  • Addition Of Matrices
  • Subtract Of Matrices
  • Multiplication Of  Matrices
  • Solve Systems Of Equations Using Matrix Row Operations And
  • Solve Systems Of Equations Using Cramer's Rule.

Algebra 2 topic:

Conic Sections


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