Basic mathematics

Given below are basic mathematics skills arranged topic wise

    Basic mathematics skills in

    • Basic Math
    • Basic math operations
    • Basic math properties
    • Exponents
    • Zero product property
    • Negative numbers
    • Distributive property
    • Order of operations
    • Pemdas

    Basic mathematics skills in
     fractions and decimals

    • Decimal numbers
    • Rounding off
    • Adding decimals
    • Subtracting decimals
    • Multiplying decimals
    • Dividing decimals
    • Fractions
    • How to multiply fractions
    • How to divide fractions
    • Convert decimal to fraction
    • Converting fractions to decimals
    • Percentages to decimals

    Basic mathematics skills in

    • Percent of a number
    • Percent increase
    • Percent decrease
    • Percent more
    • Percent less

    Basic mathematics skills in

    • Introductory algebra
    • Substitution method
    • Solving algebraic equations
    • Plotting

    Basic mathematics skills in
    Ratio and Proportion

    Basic Statistics.

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