7th Grade Math Skills in Arithmetic

1. Integers

1. What are the various types of Numbers?

  • Natural
  • Whole
  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Zero
  • Rational and
  • Real Numbers.

2. What are the various operations on integers?

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division

3. What are the properties of various operations on integers?

  • Closure property
  • Commutative property
  • Associative property
  • Identity property
  • Inverse property

4. Absolute value of a number

2. Fractions

What are fractions?
What are the parts of a fraction?
What are the various types of fractions?
Equivalent, Like, Unlike, Proper, Improper, Mixed, Reciprocal of a fraction, Complex fractions, Vulgar, irreducible fractions.
What is lowest terms or simplest form of a fraction?

Operations on Fractions

How to add fractions?

How to subtract fractions?
How to multiply fractions?
How to divide fractions?
How to reduce a fraction to its lowest terms?
How to cross multiply fractions?
How to compare fractions?
Word Problems on fractions.

3. Decimal Numbers and Decimal Fractions

  • What is a decimal number?
  • What are the parts of a decimal number?
  • What are decimal fractions?
  • What are the place values of digits in a decimal number?
  • What are like decimals and unlike decimals?
  • What is the significance of zeroes to the right of a decimal point?

What are the math skills of the various math operations on Decimal Numbers

How to change a

  • common fraction into a decimal number and
  • decimal number into a common fraction?
  • How to expand a decimal number?
  • How to compare two decimal numbers?
  • How to add decimal numbers?
  • How to subtract decimal numbers?
  • How to multiply decimals?
  • How to divide decimals?

4. Exponents:

  • What are exponents?
  • What are base and exponent?
  • What are exponential forms or power notation?

4. What are the Various Laws of Exponents?
5. How to write products of numbers as exponents?
6. How to simplify numbers in exponential forms?
7. How to express exponential number as a rational number?
8. How to write large numbers in exponential form?

7th Grade Math Skills in algebra

1. What is an

  • algebraic expression
  • constant
  • variable

2. What are the various types of an algebraic expression?

3. What are

  • Factors
  • Coefficients
  • Like terms
  • Unlike terms

4. Operations on Algebraic Expressions?

  • How to add
  • How to subtract
  • How to multiply
  • How to divide

6. Linear Equations in One Variable

  • What is an equation?
  • What is a linear equation?
  • What is solution of a linear equation?
  • What are the rules of solving an equation?
  • What is transposition?

6. Word problems on linear equation?

7. Ratio and Proportion

1. What is a Ratio?
2. What are the terms of a Ratio?
3. What are the Properties of a Ratio?
4. How to express a ratio in simplest terms?
5. How to compare ratios?
6. How to arrange ratios in order?
7. How to divide a number into parts in a specific ratio?
8. What is proportion?
9. What are means, extremes, first proportional,  mean proportional, third proportional and continued proportion?
10. What are the two types of proportion?

  • Direct proportion and
  • Indirect proportion

11. How to find the following:

  • Any term in the proportion
  • First proportional
  • Third proportional
  • Mean proportional

12. Word Problems on ratio and proportion

8. Percentages:

1. What is percentage?

2. How to convert percent into

  • A fraction and vice versa
  • A decimal and vice versa
  • A ratio and vice versa

3. How to find the following?

  • Percent increase
  • Percent decrease
  • Percent more
  • Percent less

4. How to find original values or final values from

  • percent decrease and
  • percent increase

9. Profit and Loss

1. Definitions of the following terms:

Cost Price, Selling Price, Marked Price, Loss, Profit, Discount

2. How to find the following?

  • Profit percent
  • Loss percent
  • Discount percent
  • C.P. from S.P. and Profit or loss percent
  • S.P. from C.P. and profit or loss percent
  • M.P. from S.P. and discount percent

7th Grade Math Skills in Geometry

  • Lines
  • Angles

Definition of angle, parts of an angle, various degree measures of angles.

Various Types of Angles:

Adjacent angles, supplementary angles, complementary angles, right angle, straight angle, reflex angle, linear pair of angles, vertically opposite angles.


What are the Various types of triangles based on

  • Sides and
  • Angles

What are some of the main properties of a triangle?

  • Sum of the three angles in a triangle
  • External angle property
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Triangle inequality property
  • Length of the sides in the three types of triangles:
  • Acute angled triangle
  • Right angled triangle
  • Obtuse angled triangle
  • Symmetry of geometric figures
  • Three dimensional shapes

7th Grade Math Skills in Probability and Statistics


  • Collection And Organisation Of Data
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Bar graphs


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