6th grade math


Fraction worksheets.

6th grade math skills.

In this we are going to learn :

sets , Types of sets , Venn diagrams on set concepts

Number system , Integers , Operations on Integers, Factors and Multiples , Fractions , Decimals , Powers and Roots . Ratio and Proportion , Percentage , Profit and Loss , Simple Interest , Commutative property , Distributive property , Distance Between , Direct variation, Equivalent Fractionson Arithmetic

Algebraic Expression , Algebraic Expression Definitions, Linear Equation in One Variable on Algebra

Exponents Rules

Factorization of Polynomials 

Factorting Trinomials

H C F - Highest Common Factor

How to do fractions

How to multiply fractions

Subtracting Fractions

How to calculate area

Interior angles

Learn fractions

L C M - Least common multiple

Measuring angles

Multiplying Polynomials

Operations on Polynomials

Perimeter and area Formulas for various plane figures


Prime Factorization

Properties of quadrilaterals

Surface area of a sphere

Types of Factorization

Bar Graphs   in Statistics

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