10th grade math

Real Numbers

10th grade math Algebra skills

Factoring trinomials. Interval notation. Operations on sets.

10th grade math Arithmetic skills

Arithmetic sequence. Geometric sequence. Partnership. Sequences and Series.

10th grade math Coordinate Geometry skills

Collinear points. Distance formula. Midpoint formula. Parallel lines. Perpendicular lines. Slope of a straight line. Slope intercept form. X intercept. Y intercept.

10th grade math Geometry skills

Geometry formulas.  Perimeter of a rectangle. Plane figures. Pythagoras theorem. Triangle inequality property.

10th grade math Probability and Statistics skills

Arithmetic mean. Weighted average. Set Theory

10th grade math Trigonometry skills

Radian. Trig Identities.

Perimeter and area Formulas for various plane figures

Properties of quadrilaterals









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