Bodmas rule - an order for arithmetic operations

Consistent equations and inconsistent equations

Exponents - a useful method

Exponents rules on integers

Fractions and decimals

How to add real numbers

How to subtract real numbers

How to multiply real numbers

How to divide real numbers

How to simplify algebraic expressions

How to solve a linear equation in one variable

How to solve linear inequalities

How to use linear equations in solving numerous math concepts

Intervals -  a method of set denotation

Linear Equations in one variable

Linear equations used in solving mixture problems

Linear equations used in solving time distance and speed problems

Linear Inequalities in one variable and two variables

Names of terms in an algebraic expression

Multiplying Polynomials

Operations on Real numbers

Operations on SETS:

Union and Intersection

Percentages’ problems solved using linear equations

Positive and Negative Real numbers

Real Numbers - The Universal Set

Simple interest

Compound interest

Simplification of exponents expressions

Solving for the value of an expression

Square roots

Various properties of real numbers



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