• Converting fractions into decimal numbers
  • Converting fractions into percentages
  • Dividing decimal numbers
  • Multiplication of decimal numbers
  • Place values of digits in a number


  • How to add fractions
  • How to subtract fractions
  • How to add mixed fractions/numbers
  • How to subtract mixed fractions/numbers
  • How to multiply fractions
  • How to multiply mixed fractions
  • How to divide fractions
  • How to divide mixed fractions/mixed numbers
  • The Concept of integers


  • Addition of integral numbers
  • Subtraction of integral numbers
  • Multiplication of integral numbers
  • Division of integral numbers
  • Measurement of quantities
  • Conversion of units from one system into another



  • Algebraic expressions:
  • Definitions of terms in algebraic expressions
  • Solving algebraic expressions
  • Exponents – an introduction
  • Scientific notation of numbers
  • Linear equations in one variable
  • Methods of solving linear equations
  • The substitution method
  • The elimination method
  • Speed, time and distance problems based on linear equations
  • How to solve linear inequalities
  • Binomial terms multiplication using the FOIL method
  • Quadratic Equation:
  • The factorisation method for solving quadratic equations
  • The quadratic formula for solving quadratic equations
  • Rational Expressions:
  • Addition of rational expressions
  • Subtraction of rational expressions
  • Multiplication of rational expressions
  • Division of rational expressions
  • Distance formula between two points
  • What does the graph of linear equations represent?
  • Slope of a straight line joining two points
  • Slope of a straight line whose equation is given
  • How to use slope to find if two straight lines are
  • Parallel and
  • Perpendicular
  • Parabolas graphs
  • Graphs of various elementary functions
  • Transformations of functions


  • Types of triangles
  • Types of quadrilaterals
  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • Polygons, regular polygons and their areas’ formulas
  • Circles
  • Basic properties of circles
  • Perimeter and areas of quadrilaterals
  • Surface area of three dimensional shapes
  • Volume formulas of three dimensional shapes
  • Surface area and volume of a prism
  • Surface area and volume of a pyramid

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